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The First Hexadithienylethene-Substituted Tris(bipyridine) metal Complexes as Quadratic NLO Photoswitches: Combined Experimental and DFT Studies

Ordronneau, L.; Aubert, V.; Guerchais, V. Boucekkine, A ; Le Bozec, H ; Singh, A; Ledoux, I; Jacquemin, D., Chemistry-A European Journal 19, 5845-5849 (2013).

New D3 hexadithienylethene (hexa-DTE) photochromes have been synthesized by coordination of three bis-DTE bipyridyl ligands with metallic ions. The iron(II) structures display important variations of the second-order NLO responses upon switching of the DTE. Ab initio calculations have been performed to rationalize the measurements.

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Recherche d'un document