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Full determination of single ferroelectric nanocrystal orientation by Pockels electro-optic microscopy

Duc Thien Trinh, Ludovic Mayer, Bassam Hajj, Joseph Lautru, Joseph Zyss, and Vasyl Shynkar, Appl. Opt. 54, 3412-3421 (2015)

We present a nanoscale electro-optic imaging method allowing access to the phase response, which is not amenable to classical second-harmonic generation microscopy. This approach is used to infer the vectorial orientation of single domain ferroelectric nanocrystals, based on polarization-resolved Pockels microscopy. The electro-optic phase response of KTP nanoparticles yields the full orientation in the laboratory frame of randomly dispersed single nanoparticles, together with their electric polarization dipole. The complete vector determination of the dipole orientation is a prerequisite to important applications including ferroelectric nanodomain orientation, membrane potential imaging, and rotational dynamics of single biomolecules.

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Recherche d'un document