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Characterization of the Photon Statistics of a Triggered Single Photon Source

R. Alléaume, F. Treussart, J.-M. Courty, and J.-F. Roch, New Journal of Physics 6, 85 (2004)

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In a recent experiment, we reported the time-domain intensity noise measurement of a single-photon source relying on single-molecule fluorescence control. In this paper, we present data processing starting from photocount timestamps. The theoretical analytical expression of the time-dependent Mandel parameter Q(T) of an intermittent single-photon source is derived from ON↔OFF dynamics. Finally, source intensity noise analysis, using the Mandel parameter, is quantitatively compared with the usual approach relying on the time autocorrelation function, both methods yielding the same molecular dynamical parameters.

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Recherche d'un document