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Diamond nanocrystals hosting single NV color centers sorted by photon-correlation near-field microscopy

Y. Sonnefraud, O. Faklaris, A. Cuche, J.-P. Boudou, T. Sauvage, J.-F. Roch, F. Treussart, and S. Huant, Opt. Lett. 33, 611 (2008)

Diamond nanocrystals containing highly photoluminescent color centers are attractive, nonclassical, and near-field light sources. For near-field applications, the size of the nanocrystal is crucial, since it defines the optical resolution. Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers are efficiently created by proton irradiation and annealing of a nanodiamond powder. Using near-field microscopy and photon statistics measurements, we show that nanodiamonds with sizes down to 25 nm can hold a single NV color center with bright and stable photoluminescence.


This work is partly supported by the European Commission through the Nano4Drugs (contract
LSHB-2005-CT-019102), and the EQUIND (contract IST-034368) projects. AC aknowledges funding by the Région Rhône-Alpes through the "Cluster Micro-Nano".
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Recherche d'un document