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Direct Measurement of the Photon Statistics of a Triggered Single Photon Source

F. Treussart, R. Alléaume, V. Le Floc’h, L.-T. Xiao, J.-M. Courty, and J.-F. Roch, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 093601 (2002)

We studied intensity fluctuations of a single photon source relying on the pulsed excitation of the fluorescence of a single molecule at room temperature. We directly measured the Mandel parameter Q(T) over 4 orders of magnitude of observation time scale T by recording every photocount. On time scale of a few excitation periods, sub-Poissonian statistics is clearly observed and the probablility of two-photons events is 10 times smaller than Poissonian pulses. On longer times, blinking in the fluorescence, due to the molecular triplet state, produces an excess of noise.

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Recherche d'un document