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Influence of a static magnetic field on the photoluminescence of an ensemble of NV color centers in a diamond single-crystal

Ngoc Diep Lai, Dingwei Zheng, Fedor Jelezko, François Treussart, and Jean-François Roch, Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 133101 (2009)

We investigate the electron spin resonance of an ensemble of Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) color centers in a bulk diamond crystal. The four possible orientations of the NV-center in the lattice lead to different dependencies with the magnitude and orientation of an external static magnetic field. Experimental results obtained with a continuous microwave excitation are in good agreement with simulations. In addition, we observe that the average radiative lifetime of the NV color center is also modified when the external magnetic field is applied. This variation is explained by the mixing between mS = 0 and mS = ±1 spin states of the NV-center with different radiative lifetimes, due to magnetic coupling. These results are of interest for a broad range of applications, such as spin-resonance-based magnetometry with a high-density ensemble of NV color centers.

   This work is supported by the European Commission through EQUIND (FP6 project number IST-034368) and NEDQIT (ERANET Nano-Sci) projects, and by the RTRA Triangle de la Physique (B-DIAMANT project).
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Recherche d'un document

Recherche d'un document