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Near-field optical microscopy with a nanodiamond-based single photon tip

Aurélien Cuche , Aurélien Drezet , Yannick Sonnefraud, Orestis Faklaris , François Treussart , Jean-François Roch , Serge Huant, Opt. Exp. 17, 19969-19980 (2009)

We introduce a point-like scanning single-photon source that operates at room temperature and offers an exceptional photostability (no blinking, no bleaching). This is obtained by grafting in a controlled way a diamond nanocrystal (size around 20 nm) with single nitrogen-vacancy color-center occupancy at the apex of an optical probe. As an application, we image metallic nanostructures in the near-field, thereby achieving a near-field scanning single-photon microscopy working at room temperature on the long term. Our work may be of importance to various emerging fields of nanoscience where an accurate positioning of a quantum emitter is required such as for example quantum plasmonics.

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We are grateful to Jean-François Motte for his help in the optical tip manufacturing and to Jean-Paul Boudou and Thierry Sauvage for the nanodiamond sample preparation. Helpful discussions with Gérald Dujardin and Christian Girard as well as a critical reading of the manuscript by Hermann Sellier are gratefully acknowledged. The PhD grant of AC by the Région Rhône-Alpes (Cluster MicroNano) is gratefully acknowledged. This work was supported by the European Commission through the EQUIND and NEDQIT projects and by
Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France, through the NADIA, PROSPIQ, and NAPHO projects.
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Recherche d'un document