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Robust and Efficient Sifting-Less Quantum Key Distribution Protocols

Frédéric Grosshans ; arXiv:0907.2897

We show that replacing the usual sifting step of the standard quantum-key-distribution protocol BB84 by a one-way reverse reconciliation procedure increases its robustness against photon-number-splitting (PNS) attacks to the level of the SARG04 protocol while keeping the raw key-rate of BB84. This protocol, which uses the same state and detection than BB84, is the m=4 member of a protocol-family using m polarization states which we introduce here. We show that the robustness of these protocols against PNS attacks increases exponentially with m, and that the effective keyrate of optimized weak coherent pulses decreases with the transmission T like T^{1+1/(m-2)}.

This research has been funded the European Union under the EQUIND (project IST-034368) and NEDQIT (ERANET Nano-Sci) projects, and by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche prospiq project (project ANR-06-NANO-041).
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Recherche d'un document