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Abstract Sylvain Gigan

Controlling light in scattering media: imaging and beyond.

Sylvain Gigan, Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (ENS, UPMC, CNRS, Collège de France).

Light Propagation in complex media is a highly complex and seemingly unpredictable process, but spans a wide range of situations from white paint, milk, fog, multimode fibers, and of course biological tissues.
Yet, it is a coherent and deterministic process. Exploiting concepts inspired by astronomy, and thanks to the emergence of wave control devices, such as liquid crystal displays and MEMS technology, a revolution has happened in the last decade: the possibility to control light and focus it through or inside scattering materials, well beyond what was conventionally thought possible.

I will illustrate these concepts through some examples from my group. In particular I will show how the measurement of the transmission matrix of such medium allow focusing, imaging, and even arbitrary PSF generation through highly disordered media.